22.12.11 12:14:06  Stefano  @

I'm Stefano from Italy and I collect beer cans specially from Eastern Europe from about 15 years.

If someone is interessed to trade beer cans(I have to propose a lot of italian and european cans) please contact me at this e-mail address stefanobeercans@libero.it

Greetings from Italy!

13.01.13 16:37:47  Vaido  @
I'm Vaido from Estonia and I collect beer cans specially ex-USSR.
If someone is interested to trade beer cans please contact me .
13.09.16 11:08:17  Giovanni Ragusa  @
Hi. I'am Giovanni from Italy. I'am interested to very old beer cans. Also in recent exotic beer cans.
I have many cans for echange. My email is giovanniragusa55@virgilio.it

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