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I collect business cards from breweries and microbreweries. From the Czech Republic, I have the experience that a lot of collectors of brewery souvenirs collect, besides labels, trays, stamps, etc., business cards. I would like to extend my collection for more business cards. Do not you also collect brewery cards? I would like to buy some (collections surplus) or replace (business cards to exchange). But I do not have the power to exchange that much. I'd like you to call me if you want to change something with me. Thank you and
28.08.17 18:00:43  Andrey  @
Hallo, I am Andrey, I travel a lot and, of course, i have such kind of cards, but mainly from pubs and bars. Is it interesting? regards
04.07.18 14:58:23     @
Do you have pocket calendars (beer) and matches (beer) for exchange?

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