15.10.16 22:51:39  Gijs  @
I collect beerlabels all over the world.
I have many labels for trade from Gemany and some another countries: the Netherlands , Belgium, France. I have also beerlabels from the Barrel.
May be you will trade.

I have also many beercoasters for trade (I dont collect them) and stamps from the Netherlands for trade for labels.


Burg.Stemerdingl. 124
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The Netherlands
26.10.16 10:49:30  Sergey Toporkov  @
Hi, Gijs!
My brother and I collect beer labels from all over the world for about 25 years.
We will be glad to start with you the exchange of labels the batches of around 100 pieces from around the world. Please answer in my e-mail address: Toplables@Mail.ru
With best wishes.
19.11.16 18:06:13  Vadim  @
Hi, I'm from Estonia. Ineresting with Holland beer labels with woman and sailing ships. Have many for exchange. Vadim.

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